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Miche Bombs Recipe

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  • Author: Mirna Pena
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30-60 min dry time
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: 10 (1/2 tablespoon) bombs 1x


Sometimes known as Michelada Bombs, Miche Bombas or simply Miche Bombs! These are great with your favorite beer or any drink of your choosing!



¼ cup Tajin seasoning

2 tablespoon tamarindo drink mix (Klass Agua Fresca powder)

1 tablespoon Baking soda

1 tablespoon citric acid

20 drops Jugo Maggi

¾ teaspoon Chamoy Sauce


Start by adding the Tajin, tamarindo juice powder, baking soda and citric acid powder to a bowl and mixing well. Work out any small clumps. If needed, sift the baking soda so you prevent any lumps.

Slowly add the wet ingredients to your tajin mix by adding 10 drops of maggi sauce and ¼ teaspoon of chamoy sauce. Mix all of this really well with a spoon. I like using the back of a spoon using a scraping motion.

Continue adding your wet to your dry by adding another ¼ teaspoons of chamoy and another 10 drops of maggi sauce. Continue mixing.

Add the last ¼ teaspoon of chamoy to your dry mixture, it should look like wet sand and be wet enough so that it holds its shape. 

Squeeze a small amount in your hand, if it doesn’t fall apart and keeps its shape, it’s good.

Next, using a ½ a tablespoon measuring spoon, preferably with a round bottom, or mold of choice, like a silicone mold, scoop some of the mixture into the mold and pack it down nicely and level it off. If you are using a silicone mold, feel free to leave them in the mold to dry. If you are using the measuring spoon method, tap the packed mixture out onto your palm. Don’t worry if it falls apart, all you have to do is put it all back in and pack it with more pressure and try unmolding again. You should end up with a half sphere shape. 

If using the measuring spoon method, lay your bombs out on a plate or paper towel to dry.

Assembling the michelada:

Dip the rim of a good size cup, preferably a 16 oz cup or larger, in a Chamoy Paste or just chamoy sauce and add ½ a beer.

Drop your bomb into your cup with the beer and let it fizz.

After it’s done fizzing or the fizzing has slowed down, add the other half of your beer and Clamato Juice to taste and enjoy!


If the mixture continues to crumble when trying to tap it out of your measuring spoon, add another ¼ teaspoon to the mixture and mix well. Repeat packing process.

If your environment is dry, you might need that extra amount of chamoy, or if your environment is more on the humid side, you might not need any extra chamoy.

This makes 10 (½ tablespoon) bombs. I found that 1 tablespoon is a bit too much for 1 beer.

Takes about 30-60 min to dry at room temp.